smart business transformation

digital offers unlimited opportunities

Smart Business Transformation .

Digital is inevitably pushing businesses to shift without obsolescence, if business transformation is not seriously implemented. Business transformation needs right-brain partnership to generate creative and innovative solutions, focused on the integration of user insight and digital foresight, for instance, digital presence, digital product/service offerings, and digital marketing campaign.
Smart Business Transformation

Digital Presence .

Business Presence in the digital world is more than just website and social media presentation. Digital presence becomes business application. It requires the understandings of core business value, brand strategy and digital possibilities. Structuring digital presence in a smart way may require only one communicative webpage. However, most businesses provide bad customer experience and, in particular, miss digital business opportunities to connect with targeted and new potential customers in an intelligent way. The Cell Unit is the right-brain partnership helping clients to strategise, conceptualise, design and produce digital presence to meet business goals.
Digital Presence

Digital Offerings .

Transforming existing products/services to digital offerings and/or digitalizing product/service solutions are challenging. Existing businesses must offer their products and/or services to meet a new expectation of digital-lifestyle target, it required multidisciplinary knowledge and agile team to achieve the digital venture. The integration of customer insight, digital foresight and business viability are the key to success. The Cell Unit is the right-brain partnership helping clients, from research to digital commercialization.
Digital Offerings

Digital Marketing Campaign .

Digital marketing campaign is a new marketing frontier for any industries. Businesses are employing social medias to build the beloved fan community. To better communicate and engage customers, digital marketing campaign requires mobile applications to integrate digital possibilities with marketing strategy, such as personalisation, promotion, reward gamification and customer relations. The Cell Unit is the right-brain partnership helping clients, from campaign research to its implementation.
Digital Marketing Campaign