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Creative Experience Solutions .

Customer experience becomes one of the core business strategies to drive profit performance and potential growth. Bad customer experience creates negative feedback, perception and recognition. Customers are switching to alternative brands, products and services and spreading negative noises if they have frustrated and unpleasable experience. All customer experience touchpoints and interfaces need to be designed and redefined to meet customer’s emotional expectations and digital experience interactions. Blending emotion with artificial interaction requires creative experience solutions to bring business to the impressive customer experience frontier.
Creative Experience Solutions

Experience Design .

Designing customer journey, from enticing to extending customer experience is crucial for product, service and/or brand. Especially the engaging journey, the moment of truth, involves with three stages: the entering, during and exiting experience that product/service is interacting with customers. The Cell Unit is the right-brain partnership helping clients to preprogram the whole-experienced blueprint, being redefined, designed and implemented to meet with business strategy and unmet customer expectations.
Experience Design

Omni-Experiential Campaign .

To engage customers in the digital era, it requires a creative solution of omni-experiential campaign, integrating online to offline customer experience and vice versa. Omni-experiential campaign requires a new thinking approach, i.e. ‘smart and seamless’ customer journey. The Cell Unit is the right-brain partnership helping clients to create a campaign concept, designing omni-experiential journey, planning campaign implementation and/or executing the whole process.
Omni-Experiential Campaign

Touchpoint Design .

Each touchpoint in any customer journey is so crucial. Whether it will enhance engagement or disengagement, happiness or frustration, of targeted and new potential customers. Impressive touchpoint calls for creative experience solutions which are emotionally unique. The Cell Unit is the right-brain partnership helping clients to redefine, rethink, ideate and create any touchpoints to engage and impress customers.
Touchpoint Design