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Gamification .

Gamification is a new strategic method to enhance both internal and external customer engagement to decrease or eliminate negative relationship in, i.e. daily routines, talent development & transformation, brand engagement, sale & marketing motivation, and product testing. The Cell Unit is the right-brain partnership helping clients to provide a total gamification solution, from problem identification to its implementation, working collaboratively with clients to generate creative and innovative tool to achieve desired impact. Our own game creations are as listed below:

Smart Community Trader .

Enhancing trading knowledge to the local, community entrepreneurs in Thailand, this project was supported by Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce. The challenge is how to engage with local community entrepreneurs for one day (6 hours) to learn new knowledge, being ‘community trader’ for the local community entrepreneurs. The game, named Smart Community Trader was created and setting up five scenarios as a competitive challenge among competitive traders within the situational market simulation.
Smart Community Trader

Trillion .

Enhancing your creative flow with 4 thinking stages. Developing from the principles of creative thinking development, i.e. diverse thinking, flexible thinking, multiple perspectives and morphological thinking, Trillion helps to think out of the box and unleash your creative potential, it is time to generate trillion ideas. Also, Trillion helps to identify happy solutions for all challenging problems.