creative talent development

winning with creative talents

Creative Talent Development .

Winning with creative talents Winning with new ideas and creative talents. Successful fast growing businesses employ creativity as one of the core activities to achieve product and business model innovations.
Creative Talent Development

Ideation Weekend .

A day or two to unlock your creative potentials, ideation weekend is a creative flow workshop, i.e. to understand and get rid of creative barriers, to establish creative mindset and to master creative thinking techniques for success.
Ideation Weekend

Creative Squeeze .

Creative Squeeze is 3-5 days process for challenging existing business success. The Creative Squeeze is developed from the popular design thinking and sprint process. It helps to identify possible solutions to meet new business transformation and innovations. It comprises of 5 ideation stages, i.e. intuition, insights, ideas, illumination and illustration.
Creative Squeeze

Creative Capability Development .

To unleash and enhance the right-brain power of businesses, creative capability is required to support a business core of value creation, mainly driven by creativity, not productivity. There are three main focuses to develop creative capability within businesses, i.e. creative talent, creative process and creative culture.
Creative Capability Development