brand & product reinvention

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Brand & Product Reinvention .

When customers become smarter, it is a huge risk to grow business without product and/or brand reinvention. Working with clients collaboratively to identify customer insight & foresight and generate innovative product solutions, memorable brand story and impressive customer experience to meet changing and disruptive trends for long-term business success. ‘Visionary design thinking’ as The Cell Unit’s unique approach is implemented to reinvent product and brand story. When story is convincing, the result tends to be successful.

Visionary Design Thinking .

Visionary Design Thinking is developed from the popular method of Design Thinking, generating innovative solutions by user insight. The visionary design thinking method is focusing on, i.e. user foresight, scenarios thinking, new habit creation and visionary story. This method helps to identify innovation headwind for exploratory ventures and initiatives of product and brand reinvention. The Cell Unit is the right-brain partnership helping clients to reinvent the long-range scenarios of product and brand.

Product Reinvention .

Businesses are facing digital and/or innovative challenges, when customers require smarter, better, more affordable and more innovative products. Reinventing core product value to its next frontier requires multidisciplinary team, agile talents, upfront investment and long-term leadership. The reinvented product value has to meet customer insight and technological foresight, requiring visionary design thinker to generate creative, innovative and/or disruptive solutions to open up new business opportunities. The Cell Unit is the right-brain partnership helping clients to research, conceptualise and redesign new frontier products.
Product Reinvention

Brand Reinvention .

Rethinking brand to meet new prospects and customers value requires a deep insight of their behavior. Businesses must reinvent their brand story, image and relation without spoiling their core brand value and profit performance. The Cell Unit is the right-brain partnership helping clients to redefine brand strategy, working on brand positioning, promise, architecture, identity, naming, messaging, communication channels, touchpoints and relationship.
Brand Reinvention