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Welcome to The Cell Unit

We are the right-brain partnership
for business growth and transformation .

We work with clients as value creation partnership, specialising in growing, exploratory, smart and intangible ventures, innovations and initiatives for your business strategy, marketing solutions, branding, product innovation and creative talent development. We provides both value-enhancing and value-protecting services to secure and increase customer, brand and business values.

strategic value partnership

"differentiating is obsoleting"
collaborating with clients to innovate distinctive value and strategy.

creative experience solutions

"emotions meet intelligence"
integrating creativity and digital technology to enhance marketing tools.

smart business transformation

"digital offers unlimited opportunities"
transforming your business to digital & intelligent solutions.

brand & product reinvention

"reinventing innovation success story"
reinventing brand story and product innovation to seize missing market opportunities and digital challenges.

creative talent development

"winning with creative talents"
winning with new ideas and creative talents.


"game creates cult"
turning business strategy into game playing to encourage internal and external customer engagement.

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Business impact

Case Study

Local Retail Experience Transformation developed, redesigned and integrated experience design to 10 local retails in various parts of Thailand. The project was part of the Department of Business Development (DBD), the Ministry of Commerce.

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